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Medical CPPIA
  China Plastics Processing Industry Association Professional Committee of Medical Plastic Medical Plastic is engaged in research, development, production, management, national economic and technological cooperation organizations specialized enterprises (thing) industry and related units to use the voluntary component. Under the leadership of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association.


China Plastic Association special committee of medical plastics

Chairman of the unit: Tianjin Plastics Research Institute: Cao Changzai

Vice president of units: Dean Jilin plastic Institute: Wang Zechun

Shandong Province, the medical director of the Institute of equipment: Wang Qin

Shandong Weigao Group Chief Engineer: Li Zhongzhi

Guangdong Sheng Hengchang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Chairman: Luo Chongyuan

China Plastics Processing Industry Association Engineering: Xu Lin

Shandong Medical Devices Co., Ltd., general manager of a hundred: Haijun

Dongguan City Kai Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman: Ouyang Wei

Governing units: Tianjin Hana good medical material Limited Managing Director: Ning Fu Qiang

Jiang Su Kaishou Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman: Feng Baoyu

Jinan silicone rubber products factory director: Ge Zhengli

Deputy director of Tianjin Medical Instrument: Cheng Jianmin

Deputy director of the Tianjin Synthetic Material Research Institute: Dou macro instrument

Pratt & Whitney, general manager of Beijing Biomedical Engineering: Wang Sheng

Ningxia Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Huading blood : Wang Xinchun

General Manager of Hebei Medical Materials Co., Ltd. Bazhou rain: Ren Zhimin

Zhoushan, Zhejiang Xintai Plastic Co., Ltd. Chairman: Yin Guodi       

Beijing Wandong Kang Source Technology Development Co., Ltd. President: Jin Chunliang

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